About Us

Springville Versity College is creating workplace-ready manpower through the provision of affordable, quality and empowering business and computer education and skills, using outcomes based training programmes.

Registration and Accreditation


Department of Higher Education and Training Examination Centre No: 0599992516, QCTO Accreditation No: QCTO NATED/15/0153


QCTO Accreditation No: QCTO NATED/15/0178

Providing affordable and quality computer and business training Bridging the gap between theoretical computer/business knowledge and practical experience in the world of work. Pursuing rigorous research in the labour market to ensure that our teaching programmes remain relevant to the priorities of employers. This would go a long way towards supplementing government's efforts of alleviating unemployment.

Promoting students' business acumen and self-reliance by imparting project planning and implementation skills; this empowers students with the necessary skills to conceive their own business enterprises, thereby becoming job creators.